Our Terms & Conditions

I. General terms and conditions

  1. Please read the following information carefully, as the terms and conditions described herein constitute all current and future agreements between IC Translations (hereinafter referred to as “service provider”) and its clients.
  2. If the client requests an assignment from the service provider and consents to pay for it, the client thereby agrees to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.

II. Order placement

  1. Translation and proofreading works are assigned to experienced translators and linguists-native speakers of the target language only after the service provider receives the client confirmation of the Quotation and Agreement documents.
  2. No translation assignments can be performed before the above mentioned confirmation.
  3. If the client requires the use of a certain terminology, the client informs the service provider about it upon order placement.

III. Pricing policy

  1. The service provider rates are calculated on a 'per source word' basis and vary depending on the complexity of the text to be translated, the deadline, and the languages requested.
  2. The service provider implements a discount system for large projects including multilingual ones and long-term clients. The discount is based on the word count of client regular orders. If the order exceeds 10,000 words, the client receives a 5% discount. 25,000 words or more result in a 10% discount.
  3. DTP cost is not included in translation rate and depends on complexity of the project.

IV. Payment terms and methods

  1. Payment is expected within 30 days after the completed project is sent to the Client.
  2. No complaints concerning the work quality are accepted after the period mentioned above.
  3. The service provider accepts the following payment methods:
  4. Secured payments through PayPal (the client can pay without revealing its credit card or bank information). To make a payment please use the email
  5. Mailed cheques. Please mail cheques to:
    197 Dean Burton Lane
    Newmarket, ON L3X 3C4
  6. Wire & Western Union money transfers.
  7. If you use a method of payment different from the one mentioned above, please contact us by e-mail to

V. Refund policy

All sales are final.

VI. Service provider responsibilities

  1. The service provider acts in a professional and accurate manner in accordance with the generally accepted industry standards.
  2. The service provider mission is to produce high-quality translated text in the target languages and to meet the following commitments:
    - to fulfill all the client requirements, including delivery schedule, target files format, and any remarks or comments;
    - to correct all the errors or omissions occurred during the translation process at service provider own cost, and redeliver revised files to the client without delay;
    - to keep in strict confidence and not to release or distribute any documents or business information received from the client.

VII. Confidentiality statement

The service provider does not sell, disclose, discuss, evaluate, reproduce, or in any other way distribute confidential information received from the client to any third parties.

VIII. Archiving documents

  1. The service provider keeps on file all hard and electronic copies of materials including translations, emails, original documents, notes and all other paperwork relating to each project, for a minimum of 90 days.
  2. Upon written request, the service provider returns, destroys, deletes, etc. any or all materials relating to the client projects.

IX. Order cancellation

The client waives any right to cancel the order after confirmation of the Quotation and Agreement documents and commencement of works including but not limited to translation, proofreading, and DTP.

X. Applicable law

The parties agree that Ontario law applies to any orders or claims.

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